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Ladies and Gentleman,

Thank you for the possibility of asking for a donation for the Kinder- und Jugendfarm Roedermark, Germany (“so-called: Children’s- and Youth Farm – abbrev. KiJuFa”).

We are the friends association of the KiJuFa who is in charge of the whole organization of the farm. Please find enclosed our farm concept to your closer information and to get an impression of our daily work.

Our children and young people visiting the farm would be very grateful for any support.

We are looking forward to answer all of your questions and invite your company cordially to visit our farm. Will you please consider a monetary donation for our project?

Warmest regards,

What is a children’s and youth farm?
Why in Roedermark?

A children’s and youth farm is some kind of “a mixture” from adventure playground and children’s farm.

Under educational guidance child and young people can make here important experiences in social, creative and ecological regard. All children and young people are welcome – it’s free of charge at our opening hours! We make no difference in social origin, family background, with or without handicap or ethnical group.

Differently than in school and other association like sports clubs there is no pressure to perform.

In addition it can be said that in economic hotspots like the Rhine Main area, it is nearly impossible to get knowledge or feeling what nature really is and what it means to care for it.

Clean roads, small gardens, if any, and standardised playgrounds are the reality. In addition we talk about increasing crime rates – so called: “young person at risk” and extended risks because of the “media society”.

Many children and young person watching unbelievable long times television, playing game consoles and computers in their spare time. Not going out – staying in. Not realizing what is “real” or “unreal”.

Deficits in social and mental development of “our next generation” as well as a lack of fitness are the result.

We are standing before a peck of trouble we as our association want to dare to tackle!

Our association – a brief historical overview:

On February 18th, 2008 the friends association of the KiJuFa Roedermark was established.

With lots of hard-work, persistence and persuasiveness the city council of Roedermark leased meadow property for the farm in November 2008 to us.

Together with the local resident boys and girls scouts it was possible on a 72 hours charity event to get a first structure for our farm. Especially a little lane, a gardening area, a “build-your-own” little hut area, a fire place and a wagon as headquarter of the farm where built.

We opened the farm for public on June 12th, 2009. We started with one afternoon on Fridays and one morning on Saturdays. We were surprised hoe many children came to work, see and socialise.

For 2010 we realised we should extent the opening hours. Children and young people asking for a place like ours. Now we have open three afternoons and every second Saturday

All our visitors: the children and young persons are trained, get supervision and support by an educational specialist and also by honorary co-workers.

In addition we offer holiday camps.

Examples of our projects are e.g. the building of a furnace or setting up a genuine tipi.

The demand is extraordinary. The camps are booked out within one week. On some of our opening hours we have more than 50 children and young people on the farm. Children and young people are coming back after their first visit.

Integration, team building, a feeling what is “nature”, let “plants” and “friendships” grow makes us very happy to see!

So we are very proud of what we built over the short period after founding the friends association but even more proud to see “our farm population” working, having fun and growing.

Now realizing money is our biggest concern.

Who gets advantages out of our project?

It’s simple: All children and young people of our region:

-    No difference in social origin, family background,
-    No difference having a handicap or not
-    No difference in age
-    No difference of culture

Also we are happy to say that we are a working across the generations. We have senior people working with the younger. They are learning from each other. Getting into dialogue and open their minds for a better understanding.

We are aiming co-operation with different institutions such as schools, kindergartens and other associations. Some of them joining us on a regularly basis already.

Finally the whole population – people here in our region Roedermark, Rodgau, Dreieich – the Rhine Main Area gets advantages out of this project:
"A child, who builds, cares for plants and others will most likely not destroy or damage. It will play an active part in the community today and later grown-up"

"Dreams are the seedlings of reality" – What we need?

Over the last two years the KiJuFa was supported by the 35 member families. Especially their consistent honorary work made it happen.

Local resident enterprises supported the KiJuFa with material and cash donations. Also we won two awards by a local bank and a charitably trust.

We have various needs – some are definitely problems:

Covering of the personnel expenditure: Finding companies which are able to pay for the social worker on the farm during opening hours. A project like this is impossible without an expert. The costs are about € 500,-/month.

Supply of electricity and water: The KiJuFa is from the German planning and building law side an alontmetier (gardening place). There is no support – no electric wires, cables and no water pipes. To get all built is a project which costs more than €50.000,-. Maybe a big tank for drinking water filled each month by the local fire brigades, a well for plant’s water and an electrical generator can solve this problem, too. We suppose € 8.000 to 10.000 would solve this serious problem.
 • Building of sanitary toilet - > Compost toilet: Today our toilet is a honey bucket – a portable toilet we rent. On long hand this does not make sense.

Build an enclosure and/or a lounge: There is no permanent place to meet for our children, young people and other visitors. A final dream!



What do we offer to our sponsors’?

Publicity I: We put your logo on our sponsoring board at the gate of the KiJuFa also on our website. We are on a very popular lane where lots of people walking, running, cycling,…, we also tell people!

Publicity II: We are in good contact to local and supra-local press – let’s publish something together.

Event I: As sponsor-of-the-month (payment for employee) your employees can have a team building event on the farm free-of-charge

Event II: or a farm party: e.g.“Western Event on the fire place and tipi” or “Farmers Barn Dance Party”,…on the farm free-of-charge

a "Thanks": More than its: An investment in our society, in the next generation,…

Thanks for reading. Will you please consider a monetary donation for our project?

Forgotten: The donation may be used as a tax deduction under German tax law.


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